We are excited to hear you want to be baptized. We are glad to celebrate God's amazing gift of salvation with you!

Date of Baptism

Please let us know when you would like to be baptized.  You may want to invite family and friends to join you.  We can perform a baptism during any Sunday morning service.  Please let us know what date you would like to be baptized. 

What to Expect

  1. Please bring a towel, a change of clothes for you to wear after being baptized, and a plastic bag to take wet clothes home.
  2. Pastor John will call you down to be baptized at the end of the worship service. At this time, please come down to the altar area where you will walk up the stairs and into the baptism pool. Someone will be there to assist you.
  3. After being baptized you will be given a towel to dry off.  You can then go to the restroom where you can change into your dry clothes.
  4. Please let your family know that they are free to come down near the stage to be with you while you are being baptized.
  5. Feel free to take pictures or record video during the baptism service.


If you have any questions please contact Daniel Wiley.  

404-519-3793 (phone or text) or (email)