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Groups provide an intimate and supportive setting for individuals to grow spiritually, connect with others, and actively live out their faith.

Sunday School

You're invited to join us for Sunday School every week at 10:00am in room 101.

Come and explore the teachings, stories, and values of our faith in a welcoming and educational environment.  We look forward to sharing this meaningful journey with you. Bring your curiosity, questions, and an open heart.

SLC Youth

Join our 6th - 12th grade students for an exciting journey of faith, friendship, and fun on Wednesdays at 7pm in the church auditorium.

We're a dynamic group of young people exploring our spirituality and making lasting connections. Whether you're new to faith or looking to deepen your beliefs, all are welcome!  Expect engaging discussions, activities, and events that inspire personal growth and community bonds. Come as you are and be a part of something special.


You're invited to be a part of our Overcomers Group.  We meet every Wednesday at 7pm in room 101.

In this close-knit community for adults and young adults, we share faith, support, and fellowship. Join us for Bible study,  prayer, and meaningful discussions. It's a great way to deepen your spiritual journey and build strong relationships.  Come as you are, and let's grow together in faith and friendship.

Activity Groups

Anyone can sign up to participate in one of their favorite activities.

We have activity groups that meet every month for the sole purpose of building meaningful friendships within the church while doing an activity that you love.  There are several groups to participate in and we always encourage you to bring a friend.

Women's Group

Ladies, you are invited to join our Women's Group!  We meet every month for a special event.

It's a place where women of all ages and backgrounds come together to share stories and experiences, support one another in faith, and empower and uplift. Let's strengthen our bonds and grow spiritually as we navigate life's journey together. Your presence would be a wonderful addition to our group!

Men's Group

Gentlemen, you're invited to be a part of our Men's Group!  We meet monthly for a special event.

Join us for camaraderie, spiritual growth, and meaningful conversations. In our group, we build strong connections, deepen our faith, and share life experiences.  Your presence would make our group even stronger. We look forward to having you with us!

Marriage Enrichment

Couples, you're invited to our Marriage Enrichment Group.  We meet.monthly for a special event.

Strengthen your relationship and prepare for a lifetime together. In our class, we cover communication skills, conflict resolution, and building a strong foundation in Christ Jesus.  Invest in your marriage journey, and let's walk this path together. Your commitment to each other and your faith is important to us. We hope to see you there!