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Overcomer's Life, Inc. was born from a desire to create a place for the growing numbers of people in our communities who are seeking to recover from addictions, reintegrate from prison, and find success in their life after losing all hope for their future.  Our goal is to change lives by demonstrating genuine compassion, teaching practical life skills, and making meaningful personal connections.

As we understand the struggles of people who are recovering, it is clear that we have to also attend to their basic first level of needs (food, shelter, housing) before they can reach a place of self-transformation. We realize that the provision of tangible day-to-day services is an effective accompaniment to the spiritual counseling that our program participants need, and that such basic services are necessary in order for people who are recovering from addiction to stay on the clean path.  Realizing that there is very little help available in our communities (the cities of Austell, Douglasville, Hiram, Lithia Springs, Mableton, and Powder Springs), we pull in resources from volunteers to assist in many ways.

Our volunteers currently dedicate themselves making referrals, picking up clients on the streets, and responding to their calls whenever and with whatever they face at that moment.

Participants in our Overcomers weekly group session

Participants in our career and business development classes

Prisoner to Preacher

Jeff spent years in and out of jail. His life was consumed with drugs and alcohol. Today Jeff has a beautiful family, a loving church, and a strong testimony about how God changed his life. Here is Jeff telling others about Jesus at the same jail he was once a prisoner at.

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