Welcome Home

How did you feel when you first came to Spirit Life Church? 

This is a very important question and one that is crucial we prepare for each Sunday.  What kind of impact are we as a church family making on people when they walk through the doors of our church.  An even more important question is...

What are we doing to make sure people want to come back next week and bring their family?

That's where we need your help.  We want to give our 100% to make sure people feel welcome, loved, and like part of the family when they visit our church home.  We also want to ensure we connect with them in a special way and invite them to come back again.

Can you help us do that?

Pastor Daniel and Ledia Wiley will be having a series of online meet-ups using Zoom to talk about what we can do to make a great impression on the families that visit Spirit Life Church.  Want to participate?  Let us know by signing up below.  We will follow up with meeting dates and times.

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